Breads cookingBreads cooking is improved using grid, without baking paper .
Cooking advices are based upon completely defrost breads.

Pain Petifour breads may be kept up to 8 days in the fridge (4 to 8 according to the size, please refer to the note on the box).
You may thus keep the breads in the fridge in their plastic bag without any problem.

In case of urgent need, you may defrost the bread in the kitchen:

  • 20 minutes fir the small pieces
  • 2 hours for the big breads

Big boxes: to prevent the breads from being crushed, please store the box on the side.

Cooking time vary according to the size and the recipe.
Use different grids according to the cooking duration. Each cooking time is indicated in our brochure.
Pre heat the oven 20° above the indicated temperature. Put in the oven and then adjust the temperature. Between two breads oven need to be pre heated again.


Cooking of the small breads: Convotherm 4 or 6 levels: 185°c. FRIMA, RATIONAL, ANGELOPO, and other brands of new generation ovens. 195°c. Convotherm 20 levels: 200°c Old generate oven: 205°c
Big breads: lower the oven temperature by 15°c. Defrosting before usage is mandatory.
Grissinis, Nanocroqs, Bites: turn up the temperature by 15/20°c. Flash eat is better.

A bread gets softer while cooling off: they must be taken out of the oven crustier than required Applicable for all the breads but the Grissinis, the Nanocroqs than would harden in the process. They must therefore be taken our it the oven soft.

Let the breads cool off on the grids so that air may circulate more easily.