Artisan bakery Pain Petifour

Pain Petifour let your restaurant benefit from its 43 years of experience in the crafted bakery. Our factory is located in thesouth east of France, on the Riviera.

Our teams take up the innovation challenge every day while respecting the specific requirements of our crafted knowhow, combined with the authenticity of our production process.

Through a thorough raw material selection process, the incorporation of a homemade sourdough in all our creations, a slow maturation process, and our hand crafted finishing touches, Pain Petifour let all our customers with an unmatched culinary memory.

Tailored for you HORECA professionals, Pain Petifour part baked frozen concept enable you to propose the closest baking time with service. The result is an outstanding bread quality for each individual customer !

Our teams of enthusiast bakers have the great pleasure to present you this year more than 130 different breads, which empower you to combine perfectly the right bread with the corresponding dish.


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By proposing the widest bread selection we are able to match seamlessly the specific breakfast, brunch, brasserie, snacking, traditional cuisine, and new gastronomy requirements! Our brochure outlines the bread that will unchain the Chef creativity and let him to renew your menus.

Come and discover at once our « Authentiques, Gourmandines, Créatives, Nomades or Cocktails » collections.

Pain-Petifour is available in France, Europe, South East Asia and is looking for America. Pain Petifour is also able to propose a wholesale selection of pastries.

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