Cuisines en Scènes 2015Saturday, January 24th



By our second appearance at the SIRHA Fair as exhibitor, we wanted to promote and present to French and foreign professionals our bakery specificities, and its tailored-made offer.


From its inception when it was a family business, Pain Petifour strived to maintain its crafted qualitative know-how, while offering the capabilities of a small and innovative industrial food-processing company.

Our goals:

  • Promote the French Cuisine internationally by the quality, the variety and the freshness of our breads made for the Food Service industry.
  • Help the bread be considered as an ingredient in itself that will set free Chef’s creativity.

Our team imagines bread as if it was an ingredient in itself, which implies for instance the incorporation of large portions of 24 month old parmigiano reggiano, egg plants, tomato confit, piperade, olive pasta, truffle, well balanced usage of 4 exotic peppers, cocoa, lemon, lavender, red fruits, Piedmond nuts, wild fig from Andalusia...

In this 2015 SIRHA edition, we present a wide collection of 137 different types of breads ranging from 5g to 1kg, providing solution to any consumption needs.

Our 2015 31 novelties will be unveiled on our booth #LUM22 combining perfectly with today’s on the go gastronomy trend, gluten free consumption hype, or minis for delicatessen.

Our wellness quest through diet led to the creation of an avant-garde gluten free range, which perfectly mixes good taste and eyes pleasure. The incorporation of truffle for instance is another demonstration of Pain Petifour willingness to always push higher the search of taste and perfection.

Within the SIRHA Novelty Area our Pop Art bites for mini sandwiches and gluten free Pop Art burgers will be presented. This latest range has been selected in the 2015 Innovation Grand Prix contest.

We are the official baker of the Choco Cooking show organized by Planet Gout that will take place in the Espace des Chefs Cuisine on stage on Saturday January 24th at 9.30pm.

Our Pop Art bites (lemon, cocoa, sweet pepper, and 4 exotic peppers), our traditional individual creations (country-side Tabatiere, Pointe Triple Alliance) and our range of big loafs to be sliced, will be adapted to create the perfect combination between wild animal and cocoa.

Last but not least, Chef Xavier Burelle will stun you with his mini-sandwiches creations on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday on our booth #LUM22 from 3.30pm to 4.30pm.