We are very proud to announce that our 10cm truffle burger
is awarded the Gold Prize at the 2016 France Snacking Contest..

We were also awarded “the Redaction Pick” prize that will be handed to us
at the Snacking Show Fair in Paris mid-March 2016.

We would like to specifically thank internet users for their votes on www.snacking.fr
since their decision weighted 25% of the final mark
The additional 75% came from professional votes.

  Our burger is thus recognized as one of the most appropriate products or concepts of the 2015-2016 fast food industry.

A few words about this burger:

2015 has been the year where truffle has been incorporated in our delicatessen product range with 2 items: the mini focaccia, and the 22cm mini burger. This ingredient has then been also used in the 70g 10 cm burger.

The quick adoption of this 10cm burger by our customers, regardless of the season, demonstrates that burgers are more appreciated than ever, and also that this high-end truffle flavor empowers Chefs to express themselves whatever their background is. Be it restaurants, food service, night clubs, delicatessens, takeaways, or bakeries, everybody is found of this truffle burger!

It provides a really soft brioche texture, due to integration of eggs and oil. The truffle flavor, its perfume and its visual presence are clearly noticeable thanks to the usage of summer truffle bite-size. No truffle oil or artificial flavors are used in this recipe. Our Chef only used several varieties of dehydrated summer truffles to enhance the final taste.

The burger is ready to use: simply defrost it and you are all set! It comes in 66 pieces per box with an 18 months shelf life. In other words no more shortage for this appealing A la Carte meal. Its cost? Only 1,49€ per unit with will not impact too drastically the cost of the final burger.

« Truffle burger bread, with beefsteak tomato and kale » , by Chef Quentin Joplet, Restaurant le Castellaras, Fayence (Var – France)

Pain burger à la truffe de Quentin Joplet

1 beefsteak tomato
Lardo di colonata
1 truffle
Kale sprout
Sweet onions
Caesar sauce

Peel the tomato in boiling water and cool it down
Cut it in nice slices
Season it with salt, pepper and olive oil
Mince the kale sprout
Season with a Caesar sauce
Cut the burger in 2 parts
Put the tomato first, then in thin slice of Lardo di colonata
Add the truffle cut in thin slices
Warm it a few seconds
Add the kale, the fried onions and close the burger!

Le Castellaras