Origine France Garantie labelThanks to its well-known brand Pain Petifour, the company Midipain specialized in the conception of crafted breads for half a century, based in Saint André de la Roche in the area of Nice in France, obtained the “Origine France Garantie” label.

After a thorough audit realized by the Bureau Veritas that lasted several weeks, experts awarded this label to the company acknowledging its commitment of promoting the French Gastronomic Heritage.

Why have you decided to launch such a certification process?   “Our Company is truly driven by customer satisfaction, which leads us to the rediscovery of French culinary treasures. My employees and I share the same philosophy of good taste first, developed according the respect of tradition and complying with our French legacy. That been said, we are nevertheless stimulated and influenced by modern culinary trends” says Pol Lepoutre, President of Midipain.



Its range of more than 160 different bread recipes enables Pain Petifour to address every consumption occasion, be it breakfast, gastronomy diner, snacking, delicatessen, brasserie or traditional cuisine. The bread family is getting bigger every year with new bread rolls, and innovations.

Midipain took up the new Millennium challenge proposing respecting its local history.
products compliant with French culinary expectation while respecting its local history.

Midipain is truly a company committed to the protection of the knowhow “à la française” while bringing up to date a product as old as the hills: the tasty French bread.